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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2020

Below is a message from Chief Mitchell that was sent yesterday to all members of the department. 

Please join me is celebrating National Telecommunicators Week that began yesterday and extends through April 18. I can speak for many police officers in saying that I could not do their job. I can also say thank God we have such a dedicated group of professionals in UMPD. Last year our dispatchers handled over 60,000 calls and hundreds of alarms. They are the voice that you hear when you call 911 in emergencies. They are the voice that you hear when a police officer calls for help over the radio. Unfortunately they seldom hear a voice that just says "thank you"! Thank you for being there in our time of need. Thank you for making sure that I have all of the life-saving information available when responding priority on a call. Thank you for helping me to stay alive so that I can return home safely to my family. 

On behalf of a grateful UMPD, please join me in thanking our Dispatchers for their outstanding service and support. They remain the "Thin Gold Line" in our Department and profession. 


Chief David B. Mitchell