News and Information about the University of Maryland Police Department

Statement Regarding Armed Subject on Campus

Today, the University of Maryland Police Department issued an alert to campus as a precautionary measure as it investigated a report of a man carrying a rifle on campus. The investigation concluded that the gun was a rubber rifle used for training and being carried by an ROTC member dressed in plain clothes.  The rubber rifle did not pose a threat. UMPD is sharing the following information so the community can better understand the incident.

On October 6, 2016 at 1:58 p.m. University Police received a report of a possible armed subject near Ritchie Coliseum.  Officers met with the students who reported seeing the individual and verified seeing the man with what they believed was an AR-15 rifle.  Our Security Operations Center reviewed camera footage and observed the individual enter a vehicle and leave campus.  Follow-up with ROTC on campus revealed that the individual was likely a member of their unit.  Because we could not immediately locate and identify this individual, we elected to issue a UMD Alert.  Once the information was verified, we issued a follow-up message informing the community that the situation was resolved. The weapon carried by the individual was a rubber rifle used for training. This type of weapon is incapable of being fired.  The individual is a Non-Commissioned Officer with the Marine Corps assigned to the Naval ROTC program.

Chief Mitchell has met with members of the ROTC command staff to ensure this type of incident does not happen in the future.