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Person of Interest in the Case of the Pokémon Robberies

Chief of Police Summary of May 21, 2016 Incident at The Courtyards

Chief of Police Summary of May 21, 2016 Incident at The Courtyards


Summary of Incident

On May 21, 2016 at 1:46 a.m., the University of Maryland Police Department, Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call, routed through Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications Center, regarding a fight at the 8500 block of Boteler Lane at The Courtyards Apartments.

Officers approached the apartment, and a female resident answered the door and explained that a graduation celebration was taking place.  The officers advised the resident and partygoers, who were primarily African American, of the report of fighting inside the apartment and the possible use of a baseball bat. The residents refuted the claim, and initially resisted efforts of the officers to enter the premises.

The officers entered the apartment, and discovered there was no fight in progress.  A decision was made to shut down the party, which exceeded the legal capacity of the apartment.  Some of the partygoers left voluntarily, and others attempted to assist in clearing the crowd out. Others stayed in the apartment and in the breezeway area and did not disperse as instructed. 

As partygoers were exiting the apartment, a group of individuals surrounded a UMPD officer on the breezeway and did not comply with instructions to disperse.  Two officers deployed pepper spray to disperse the crowd.  According to their statements, the officers used the spray because they believed the UMPD officer was in danger.  The officers noted that one individual had to be restrained by a fellow partygoer.  Two individuals were identified and arrested and charged with obstructing and hindering a police officer, disorderly conduct, and failing to obey a lawful order. Those charges have subsequently been dropped by the state.

The Prince George’s County Fire Department/EMS personnel arrived to help those who were affected by pepper spray.  The area became overcrowded, and several individuals did not respond to instructions by UMPD officers to disperse.  This delayed the EMS personnel’s efforts to help those who needed assistance.

EMS requested additional assistance with the growing crowd.  Responding to the request, a UMPD officer witnessed another officer struggling with an individual who was being uncooperative.  The responding officer deployed pepper spray and the struggle ended.

The officer who deployed the pepper spray arrested the individual who he believed to be the uncooperative person. While back at UMPD Headquarters, body worn camera footage revealed that the individual arrested was not the same person involved in the struggle. UMPD released the individual without charges a short time later.

UMPD policy requires an internal administrative review in all instances of pepper spray deployment.  That internal review commenced May 22 and the final report was delivered to me on July 9.  I want to thank Lieutenant Leadbeter for his thorough review of this incident. 



The administrative review, led by Lieutenant Leadbeter, included 26 interviews and statements from UMPD officers, PGPD officers, EMS personnel, and partygoers, and careful review of all body cam video and other footage captured by partygoers.

The administrative review concluded that the deployments of pepper spray fell within UMPD use of force guidelines.  However, the review concluded that the manner of deployment during the second spray did not meet UMPD standards.  Even in instances when the deployment of pepper spray to disperse a crowd is considered reasonable, it still must be applied correctly.

A separate, criminal investigation determined the original 911 call to be a false call. The false call for a potential fight involving a weapon, made in retaliation because the individuals were denied entry to the party, bears significant responsibility for subsequent events.  Therefore, UMPD has obtained a criminal summons against the individuals who made the false call.



While the administrative review focused on the deployment of the pepper spray, we are able to draw several additional lessons from the report and from the review of the body cam video.

As it is the responsibility of all UMPD police officers to protect and serve our community, we must exhibit exemplary judgement to deescalate difficult situations.  Throughout the May 21 incident, we should have handled the situation with more diplomacy. It is my opinion that the subsequent deployment of pepper spray could have been avoided.  This did not have to happen.

Furthermore, even in instances when the deployment of pepper spray is considered reasonable, it must be applied correctly.  In the May 21 incident, the second deployment was determined to not meet our standards.

Our mission is to serve the university community, protect life and property, and to enforce the law.  To be successful in that mission, we must be committed partners with all members of our community – and that includes holding our entire department to very high standards of conduct and accountability.  For overall conduct unbecoming an officer, including the incorrect use of pepper spray in the second deployment, I have ordered a sanction of two weeks suspension without pay against one of our officers. 

This incident has created distress and anguish among the students affected and within our broader community. UMPD is committed to equity and fairness in all of our interactions with our diverse community. We will continue to work diligently toward this end, and, therefore, I have ordered training in areas of implicit bias and diversity for every officer in the department.

Additionally, I have initiated a comprehensive review of our use of force guidelines, to ensure that every officer understands the protocol for appropriate and correct use of pepper spray.  I will ask the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Judge Alexander Williams, Jr., Executive Director of UMD’s Williams Center for Education, Justice and Ethics, and other members of the campus community, including students, to assist us in this policy review. 

We are addressing these issues because we recognize that the trust of our campus community—particularly our African-American community – is an integral part to our collective success.

Every day, UMPD officers come to work to serve and protect our community.  We all wear the uniform proudly through situations both rewarding and challenging.  We remain committed to the highest level of professional standards at all times.  Together with our campus community, we will continue to uphold and strengthen our mission of service.



Chief David B. Mitchell

Director of Public Safety

Chief of Police




Update to 7/12/16 Armed Robbery Incidents on Campus

On July 12, 2016, at approximately 9:20 p.m., UMPD received a call for a robbery that occurred outside, in front of Tydings Hall. As our officers were searching the area for the suspect in this case, we received two additional reports of robbery.

At approximately 9:08 p.m., the first robbery occurred near Tydings Hall, on the McKeldin Mall side. A weapon was implied. The victim complied with the suspect’s demand and handed over his property to the suspect.

At approximately 10:12 p.m., the second robbery occurred near Queen Anne’s Hall. And at approximately 10:15 p.m., the third robbery occurred near Queen Anne’s Hall. A black handgun was seen in these two incidents and property was taken.

In total, we had three reports. There were four victims all together. Three of the four victims are UMD students.  None of the victims were injured. Our officers searched the area but were not able to locate the suspect.

Our Criminal Investigation Unit is actively investigating these cases. What we know is that three of the victims were playing the Pokémon Go game. The fourth victim was not playing the game but had their phone out. Items that were stolen were cell phones. We have no reason to believe that there is more than one suspect involved in these cases. The suspect is described as a male wearing a black mask and dark clothing.

These are still active investigations and when additional information become available for release, we will distribute accordingly. Individuals with any information regarding these cases are encouraged to contact UMPD at 301-405-3555.


Safety tips:

Stay alert and attuned to people and circumstances around you.

If you see suspicious activity or behavior, call police right away.

Avoid isolation. Take a friend when playing the game and stay in well-lit areas.

Trust your instincts. They are a natural gift that tells you when something is wrong.

Don’t play the game while driving.

Do not trespass onto private property.

The University of Maryland Police Department provides an escort service for anyone who feels unsafe when walking on or near campus. If you would like an escort, please call to request one at 301-405-3555 (off campus) / 53555 (on campus). You may also use a blue light emergency phone to call for an escort. The police escort service is available to community members at all times.



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UMD Alerts

Off-Campus UMD Safety Notice 7/10/16

Please visit  for information regarding an off-campus 4th degree sex offense (unlawful touching) that occurred on 07/08/16. The Prince George's County Police Department is the primary reporting agency and is conducting the investigation.


Off-Campus UMD Safety Notice 07/06/16

Please visit for information regarding an off-campus burglary that occurred on 07/06/16. The Prince George's County Police Department is the primary reporting agency and is conducting the investigation.


Off-Campus UMD Safety Notice 06/14/16

Please visit for information regarding an off-campus robbery that occurred on 06/13/16. The Prince George's County Police Department is the primary reporting agency and is conducting the investigation.

Open Letter from Chief Mitchell

The incident that occurred at the Courtyards on the morning of May 21 has created distress and anguish among the students affected and within our broader community.

Longstanding UMPD policy automatically requires an internal investigation in any case that involves the deployment of pepper spray.  That review process, currently underway, is governed by clear procedures and could take up to 30 days to complete.  When this administrative investigation is complete, the findings and video from the body cameras worn by officers during the incident will be released. As we prepare for release, protecting the privacy of minors and students involved is a preeminent consideration.     

The question of the appropriateness of the use of pepper spray will not be resolved until the conclusion of the full investigation, and so I must withhold specific comment at this time.  The deployment of pepper spray is a rare occurrence, just ten times in the last five years. 

This incident is especially painful because of the issues that are roiling nationally with respect to racial profiling and police misconduct. UMPD is committed to equity and fairness in all of our interactions with our vibrant and diverse community. We will continue to work diligently toward this end.

While the investigation is underway, I would like to offer to meet with any student, individually or in small groups, for candid, off-the-record conversations.  Or, if it’s easier, any student may email me directly at Throughout my entire career here at UMD, I have valued my close relationships with students and I am committed to keeping our lines of communication open and honest.

The men and women of the University of Maryland Police Department are some of the finest officers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I know they all join me in our singular purpose to keep every member of our community safe and secure. 

UMPD Issues Update on Courtyards Incident

UMPD Issues Statement on Courtyards Incident

Off-Campus UMD Safety Notice 05/16/16

Please visit for information regarding an off-campus robbery that occurred on 05/16/16. The Prince George's County Police Department is the primary reporting agency and is conducting the investigation.



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