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Announcing New Campus Safety App for UMD

The University of Maryland is proud to announce the debut of UMD Guardian, a mobile campus safety application (app) available to all students, faculty and staff. The UMD Guardian app for Apple and Android smartphones is designed to allow users quick and easy contact with the University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD), and has additional features for increasing safety on campus. Using UMD Guardian, users can initiate a safety timer session; place a panic (emergency) call to UMPD; or text a tip to UMPD.  The timer session feature allows the user to select a "guardian" from his or her contacts list (or select UMPD as their guardian).  The personal guardian will be able to monitor the user’s progress as she or he walks across campus. If the timer session ends without the user deactivating it, the guardian will be notified. During a panic call session, UMPD Emergency Communications Center personnel (911 dispatchers) will receive the current GPS location of the user, as well as any profile information provided. Texting a tip will also provide our ECC personnel with profile information as well as the user’s location.

UMD Guardian is a campus-specific version of the Rave Guardian app available on the Apple and Google Play stores and will be available November 19, 2015.  All UMD students, faculty and staff are encouraged to download and install Rave Guardian. Once you have downloaded the app, register your UMD email account to use the campus-specific UMD Guardian app.   

To install UMD Guardian, visit Apple or Google Play store and search for Rave Guardian

  • Download and install Rave Guardian on device
  • Ensure location and notifications are enabled
  • Follow registration procedure
    • Mobile device number
    • UMD issued email address (;;
      • This is necessary to install the UMD-specific version of the app
    • Set up Smart911 account
      • Decide what information you wish to be provided to a 911 operator during an emergency (health, special needs, family contacts, Etc.)
  • Sign in
  • Read about the UMD Guardian (Rave Guardian) app features

Now that UMD Guardian is installed, you can set up personal guardians using the Guardians button on the main page of the app.

The UMD Guardian app enhances safety on campus through real-time, interactive features.