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Crisis Intervention Team


A new program for the department is our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). Currently, we have 17 officers and dispatchers who are trained specifically in the field of Crisis Intervention and are able to interact with crisis situations using de-escalation techniques that improve the safety for our community and the officers and dispatchers involved. This program offers many benefits to public safety, the University’s Mental and Behavioral health services, the UMD community, and the families of the UMD community.

All UMPD officers receive training pertaining to individuals in crisis. However, our Crisis Intervention Officers received additional training in the areas of:

• Understanding signs and symptoms of mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders

• Recognizing when those signs and symptoms represent a crisis situation

• Safely de-escalating individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis

• Utilizing community resources and diversion strategies that are available to provide emergency assistance

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