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UMPD Press Release 12/15/2023

UMPD Charges Reporting Person in the Assault with a Knife incident at Regents Drive Parking Garage

                                                                                  2023-116858/ 2023-128418

College Park, MD – The University of Maryland Police Department, Criminal Investigations Unit has charged the reporting person in the November 28, 2023, assault with a knife incident.

Through investigative means, it was determined that the reporting person made a false report to police. On December 15, 2023, our detective applied for and received a criminal summons.

The reporting person was charged with the following:

Three counts of CR 9-501 False Statement to Officer

For questions regarding this press release, please contact the Public Information Officer,

Lt. Rosanne Hoaas at 301-405-9960 or email .



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